Steel Holding SAS is an Argentine Real Estate Development company that groups Brands, Products and Services dedicated to Sustainable Construction under the paradigm of sustainability and social responsibility.

It all started with Exequiel and Matias, two childhood friends who meet again after more than 10 years to revolutionize the provincial real estate development and construction market.

In 2016 Exequiel, Accountant and Bachelor of Business Administration and specialized in real estate trusts, development of production processes and strategic administration of organizations, had found in Steel Framing and innovation in processes the way to break the status quo and achieve that the market enjoys the construction process from the design of the project until the day of entering to enjoy the home.

Matias, a provincial benchmark since 2010 in the ICT business sector, with his own startups and as a consultant, contributes digital management, neuro-leadership, neuromarketing, PR and his vast experience in COMEX to boost sales and achieve a dream fusion to think to the world as a market.

Both passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation thought big, and in 2019 created this new HOLDING with a partnership strategy as the fundamental axis of expansion.


We currently have the following business units:

  • Real state development
  • Constructions in Steel Framing
  • Consulting in Architecture and Engineering
  • Real estate crowdfunding
  • Market studies
  • Premium Homes 2020
  • Smart Box | Modular barbecue
  • AVERO Real Estate
  • Furnishings
  • Openings
  • Home automation
  • Training

Our comprehensive project management allows our investors and clients to have to worry only about waiting for the day to enter their new home. To see a detailed list of our work and its progress, visit our projects section.


Exequiel Picotti

Founding Partner + Executive Co-Director

Dad of 2 children, Ernestina and Lisandro, the loves of my life. Sports and competition lover. Boca fan and fan of Club Atlético Hasenkamp, the club in the town where I live. My passion is entrepreneurship and collaborative business work. I work with conviction and commitment with the illusion of generating actions that can eventually improve people’s lives.

I am a Public Accountant and Bachelor of Business Administration. Studious, self-taught and researcher. Leader profile by nature. Specialist in management of production processes and strategic management.

Fully focused on Real Estate, I co-founded Steel Holding with the clear objective of revolutionizing the sector, adding value, creating new management tools and with the premise of creating quality products that add to the national industry.

Matias Secchi

Founding Partner + Executive Co-Director

Future Dad, Traveler, Amateur footballer, Boca Juniors Fan, Musician and dog lover. Entrepreneur by nature and choice, passionate about management and marketing, I dreamed of being an entrepreneur as a child and I love what I do, always thinking about improving people’s lives and creating jobs. My wealth is measured in passport stamps and that is why I know 23 countries. Addicted to study, I speak 4 languages ​​and I am a dreamer with the necessary conviction to be the scriptwriter of the plot of my destiny. “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” as a way of life!

I am an Entrepreneur, Consultant, Speaker. Graduated in Business Administration and with a background in Computer Systems Engineering, I was encouraged to undertake once again, this time outside the ICT sector. I co-founded Steel Holding, always thinking big and the world as a market, with neuroleadership and innovation as fundamental pillars. Today I am the main person in charge of supervising and promoting the areas of sales, marketing, customer service, innovation, new business, foreign trade and the creation of new business units.

Miguel Patricio Gaynor

Design Director

I am a man of family and friends, always working and learning. Passionate about art, technology and animals. My place is both the city and the country, I love the gray city with its buildings alike, like the green of the mountains and my horses. My personal goal is to be a good partner, friend and take care of my family. My daily company are my wife and my children, the family always present and a great team of work / friends.

My life is designing spaces and structures; my tools, pencil, paper, a notebook and lots of practice. As a designer I intend to continue learning at university and on site, and not least, listening to each person who entrusts me with their future home, seeking to be closer and closer to building their dream home. In short, Pipo.

Guillermo Luna

Financial Director

Dad of two children, Bella and Gian, passionate about sports in general and especially about soccer, a fan of Atlético Hasenkamp (my hometown), from a family of musicians, I encourage myself to sing and play the guitar.

For many years I was part of the administrative and accounting management of an important livestock company in the area, which gave me a vast experience that today I turn over to Steel Holding. Happy to be part of a team that gives 100% in everything and each one contributes to make the other better… teamwork always seemed the best to me and now we are doing it!

Santiago Estefani

Sales Manager

Journalist and sports writer. I loved my profession since I was little, I traveled all over Argentina practicing it and I dreamed all my life of being part of the great sporting events. I was raised among talented family members within the musical world, which allows me to enjoy them through their art. Also, I play soccer every weekend in an amateur way.

Time, my different experiences in the field and Steel Holding led me to know the world of sales, which also fascinates me in the same way.
Today I work as director of the area, being permanently available for our current and potential clients to know how this huge family works.

Maximiliano Rodriguez Paulin

Director of New Business Development

Economist by profession. Since 2012 I have participated in politics to transform Argentina and that my son Hipólito grow and develop his life in a better country. Since 2019, he has been a councilor of the city of Paraná for Together for Change, and a volunteer at Hacemos Argentina, an NGO that seeks to generate positive social transformations. My family and my friends are my greatest passion, and if I can gather them around a better fire. A beer is always a good excuse to create new projects. In constant evolution, always mutating to be better.

In times where Artificial Intelligence aims to perform classification and analysis tasks, the role of the Business Developer comes to remind us of the most human characteristics that computers will not be able to replace for a long time: the power to create, invent, communicate and to empathize with others. This is what I do at Steel Holding.